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The Romanian traditional blouse seen around the world

Romanian Traditional Blouse is called “ie” and is a representative piece of Romanian folklore.  The blouse was a source of inspiration for famous fashion designers worldwide such as Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent  who based their collections on traditional Romanian motifs. French designer Philippe Guilet launched in 2011 a whole haute-couture collection inspired from Romanian costumes, being helped by Romanian handicraftsmen.

During 20th Century, the famous French painter, Henri Matisse, created important series of paintings which portrayed women in Romanian blouses.

Every part of the ie, from the fabric itself to the intricate embroideries on the chest and sleeves, is entirely hand-made, and the design hasn’t changed for hundreds of years.

Famous actresses and singers also wear the Romanian blouse. Among them, Hally Berry, Nicole Kidman, Adele.

Queen Marie of Romania, nephew of Queen Victoria of England and of Alexander II of Russia , who was a very beautiful and well dressed lady of her times, gave up her modern and expensive clothes once she came in Romania and chose  to wear only the Romanian traditional costume.

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A day in BREB, MARAMURES – “the last truly peasant culture in Europe”.

Breb is a small village in the Maramures region of Romania which sits between the Transylvania region and the Ukrainian border very close to the north.
People here are almost entirely self-sufficient. If the world was struck by disaster, if the oil ran out and people rioted everywhere, this would be the place to be…..the Breb villagers could go on with their lives with almost no interruption to normal routine.
Traditions are kept alive. There are a lot of old wooden houses. The people walk about in traditional clothing, they all go to church on a Sunday and most still milk their cows each morning.Most families own a couple of cows which they use for milk and cream . They also keep pigs for meat and chickens for eggs.Amongst all that they grow tomatoes, peppers, onions, all sorts of veggies and fields of potatoes too.

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