Fishing in Sweden

Fishing Sweden

We have selected for you a rather unknown area for the fisherman that is located in the eastern part of Sweden.

Sweden is the best destination for fishermen that practice both spinning and fly fishing style. In the same water you can find together pike, trout, grayling, perch and even salmon.

Pike fishing in Sweden is among the best in the world. There are huge stocks of pike in countless lakes and rivers. And they weigh in at up to 20 kilos!

Perch can often be found in the same waters as pike, but are frequently fished using different lures and methods.

The brown trout is quite common and is a superb and much appreciated sport and food fish.

We offer you an unforgettable experience in Central Sweden in a selected area that includes big rivers as Klaravalen River, small creeks and rich lakes.

The accommodation is arranged in houses (cottages) fully equipped for self catering with a high degree of comfort.

It will be wonderful, trust us, we experienced already in detail every aspect of a successful fishing trip.

Don't disturb and don't destroy - that's the main rule when it comes to understanding the Swedish Right of Public Access. The Swedish countryside is open to everyone, provided that you show consideration towards other people, wildlife and the countryside and observe a few common-sense guidelines. The Right of Public Access applies to individuals, not to large groups or specially-arranged tours. In essence, it means that you can go freely to and from your fishing area and take your boat on the water or moor on the shore - always provided that you have a valid permit. Fishing and hunting are not covered by the Right of Public Access. Here are some of the main guidelines:

  • Please do not leave litter in the countryside. This applies particularly to fishing lines, hooks, plastic bags, bottles, cans and glass, all of which can be dangerous for wild animals.
  • You are not allowed to drive cars, caravans, motor homes, motor-bikes or mopeds off the road or on private roads.
  • You must not cut down trees or bushes, nor are you allowed to take nuts or resin, break branches, or strip the bark off trees. It is also forbidden to disturb areas where animals live or to take birds' eggs.
  • Picking mushrooms, berries and unprotected flowers is permitted.
  • Fires are permitted, but not on rocky ground, and never at times of year when fires are prohibited.
  • Great care should always be taken when lighting fires in the countryside.
  • You can put up a tent, but not on cultivated land or close to houses. Ask the landowner for permission if you want to stay in one place for any length of time.
  • It is permitted to travel on a boat on someone else's waters. You can moor your boat for a day but you may not go ashore in privately-owned areas. Special conditions can limit travel and access in certain areas.

Fishing regulations

Fishing is not included in the Right of Public Access, and on most lakes and rivers you need a fishing permit. Certain rules may apply, for example minimum size, catch limits and the use of private waters which are not covered by the permit. It is always worth checking if there are areas where fishing is not permitted, like the mouths of some rivers. Close seasons may apply, while some types of fishing may not be permitted in all or part of the fishery at certain times of year. Poaching is severely punished, so to avoid breaking the law anglers are advised to check on any special local conditions which may apply. Information is available at the place where you buy your permit. Fishing permits (fiskekort in Swedish) can be bought in special places or in stores and petrol stations.


Wind & waterproof jacket
Warm clothes, fleece etc 
Hat or cap
Hiking boots
Day backpacK
Mosquito repellent
Camera, film equipment


Equipment spin fishing
9-10 feet rod, casting weight 50-80 grams. 
Good reel with 150 meter of 0,35 mm line or 0,16 – 0,20 mm Dyneema / Kevlar. 
Wire leader 30-40 cm.
Wobblers in different siezes and colors. Zalt, Rapala, Bomber.
Long pliers for releasing the pike.

Equipment flyfishing
9 feet rod AFTM 8 or 9
Floating Weight Forward line for Popper fishing in shallow water. Slow sinking and fast
Sinking Shooting Taper lines for fishing deeper water. 
Nylon or Poly leaders 0,35 mm with wire leader in front. 
Stripping basket. 
Long pliers for releasing the pike.
Big 10-25 cm flashabou flies, hook size 1/0 – 4/0. Big Poppers or Mega Divers for shallow water.


Equipment spin fishing
Light spinning rod 5-7 feet
Line 0,20 mm – 0,28 mm
Small spinners in gold, silver, copper, black. 4-12 grams.
Small spoons in gold, silver, copper, black. 5-15 grams. 
Jigs in different colours, 4-10 grams. 
Pliers and net with knotless net.

Equipment flyfishing.
Fly rod 9´ AFTM 5-6 or 6-7 with floating line
Leaders 9-12 feet nylon. 
Sinking poly leaders or sinking line for high water or still water fishing. 
Tippet 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x
Fly floatant
Pliers and net with knotless net. 
Waders with felt sole
Fishing vest
Polarized glasses. 
Wading staff

Gold Head Hares Ear Nymph # 10, 12, 14 in different colors.
Hares Ear Nymph #10, 12, 14 in different colors. 
Klinkhamer Emerger # 10, 12, 14, 16 in different colors.
Goddars Caddis # 10, 12, 14
Black Gnat (or other small, black fly) # 14, 16, 18
Mayflies in some different colours, grey, light olive, brown # 10, 12, 14
Black Zonker Muddler # 8, 10

Fishing from boat

Fishing from a boat is much more common in Sweden than in many other countries. When you plan your fishing holiday, you should consider that boat fishing is not only part of the experience but also can create new possibilities. Many lakes and rivers are big, so fishing from a boat can add a new dimension and give better catches. In many places it's possible to hire a boat with and without a motor. In Sweden it is also usual to use a fish finder to make it easier to locate the best fishing areas.


Spinning is the most common and often the most effective method when fishing for predator fish. A common bait for pike, zander, salmon and trout is the wobbler, but even spinners and spoons can produce good catches. When you fish for sea trout along the coast, long thin spoons, often combined with a fly on a dropper can be rewarding.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is a very common method in Sweden. Mainly trout and grayling are caught on fly, but even char, salmon and sea trout can be fooled. There are even good possibilities for catching perch and pike on fly. Along the coast it's also very popular to fish with fly for sea trout in the sea.

Fishing in Sunne area

Sunne City is located in the central Sweden.

The place is surrounded by lake and rivers where you can find all types of fishes in the same water: pike, perch, trout and grayling.

Fishing in Branas

Branas is located in western Sweden along the Klaravlen river and is known mainly as a ski resort.