Long weekend in VAMA VECHE

Situated in the southeast of Romania—right on the Black Sea coast, near the border with Bulgaria—the village has been regarded as a bohemian, non-mainstream tourist destination since communist times. After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the small fishing village of Vama Veche transformed into a “free zone” for an entire rebel generation.

Don't come looking for luxury. There are no five-star resorts here. Accommodations consist of small hotels and guesthouses, tents or rooms rented from peasants or fishermen.

If you miss being wild from time to time, perhaps Vama Veche is the place for you. It’s a place that allows your complete freedom of expression while relaxing on the beach during the day and party in the open air during the night.

Package includes
  • 2 nights accommodation and breakfast in 4 starts hotel in Bucharest;
  • 2 nights accommodation and breakfast in 3 stars location in Vama Veche
  • 4 dinners
  • English talking guide
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Transfer from an to Vama Veche
Package doesn't include
  • Transport from/to destination (landing city)
  • Travel and heath inssurance

Day 1: Arrival / Bucharest

Arrival in Bucharest. Meeting with the Romanian guide. Transfer from airport to hotel. Check-in at the hotel. Dinner and get to know the guests. Overnight in Bucharest.

We advise you to sleep as much as you can during this first night, as it might be the only night you will sleep during this Borderless weekend.

Day 2 

After breakfast, we’ll start driving toward Vama Veche on the Sun Highway. We’ll make a short stop to a gas station and buy a beer…or two……. Even if is not 12 o’clock yet, we are allowed to drink it…..in fact, it is a must for disconnecting from our full of rules life from day to day and prepare for the free and relax atmosphere that is waiting for us in Vama Veche.

Having lunch

At noon, we’ll be in Vama Veche , check in to our accommodation and have some lunch to one of the local restaurants. As we are by the sea, we may try fish for lunch, cooked and served in a traditional Romanian style.

Bar crawling

After lunch we‘ll make a tour and get to know the surroundings……We’ll go on the beach from one bar to another and enjoy a few shots. Don’t be surprised if people from the bars will be very friendly to you….and hug you and give you five…..this is the spirit in Vama Veche.

Dancing on the beach

After making the tour of all the bars, we’ll choose one where we’ll settle for the night to come...good drinks, good music, bare foot in the sand, dance all night long, meet new people all around Europe, make new friends and……..it’s up to you where and when to stop……..


This is a must! Right before sunrise go on to the beach in front of Stuf (the very first bar that opened in Vama Veche), you’ll be surrounded by couples kissing, groups of people singing around a bonfire – and you’ll be more than welcome to join them! Once Bolero starts playing, watch the sun rising from the sea and enjoy the moment!

Before a nap of one or two hours

A short swim in the morning cold water of the sea….is optional!!!

Day 3 

In the morning we’ll feel a little tired, but we have all day for relaxing, tanning and hanging out on the beach… In the afternoon we’ll start all over again….The difference will be that in this second night we’ll have much more friends than we had in the first one and we’ll know exactly the map of the bars…

Day 4 

After breakfast, we’ll spend a half a day tanning in the sun and have a few baths in the sea……. At noon we’ll start driving toward Bucharest where we’ll have one more night to think over our borderless weekend…… But you have to know the motto ….WHAT HAPPENS IN VAMA VECHE, STAYS IN VAMA VECHE….. So….all this weekend we’ll be your SECRET….

Day 5

The last breakfast in Romania. Transfer to airport and travel back home. VAMA VECHE will wait for you to come back……Until then, it will keep the SECRET just for you two…….